All you need to know about Hygiene


Mouthwashes help control, plaque,♦ gingivitis, bad breath,♦ and tooth decay ♥. Some people say mouthwash cleans your mouth more than brushing alone. Listerine is my favorite kind of mouthwash.


contrary to popular belief you don't have to shower everyday. It is more beneficial to shower just a few times a week. If you take a shower you shouldn't use really hot water just warm ones.


some people say you shouldn't floss but those people are dumb because you should floss. flossing reduces mild gum disease and gingivitis. Scientific evidence for flossing is actually pretty low


drinking unsafe water impairs ealth through ilnesses. chemical contamination of water continues to pose a health burden. improving research on safe drinking water can help with peoples health.


you should brush in little tiny circles. you should brush for about 2 minutes. Make sure to brush thoroughly and gently



world health organization

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